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Translator EN/DE > NL, content writer and editor

Moin, it's me, Fem, live from Hamburg!

Moin, I’m Fem. I have studied classical philology (majored in Latin, should you want to know) and used to want nothing more than to earn a PhD. A few years later, it turned out I had (way) too little patience and too many interests for that.

I was much better at writing, rewriting, proofreading, translating – in short, deep diving into various types of texts.

So that’s what I started to do. Not right away, though, I needed quite a few years in an office to finally take the plunge. It all worked out at the end of 2011.

By now, I have over 10 years of experience as an independent translator/web editor and 20 years of experience as a desk editor in academic publishing.

I work and have worked with translation agencies, publishing houses, marketing agencies, SaaS companies, tourism boards, hotel websites, online dictionaries as well as small businesses and individuals who hire me directly for personal projects.

Important stuff....

Lover of all things language 100%
Meeting deadlines 100%
German Regionalkrimis 75%
Getting to the bottom of things 100%
Cheese 88%

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Feel free to have a look at my portfolio if you’re curious!

Always curious

Having many interests comes in handy, as it enables me to work on a variety of different projects. I love to learn new things. Also, I now know a lot about electric pianos, for example. Although, on reflection, I might have preferred to know less about that. 😉

I work for...

Over the years, I have worked for many interesting clients. I work for publishers and translation and marketing agencies, but also for banks. For city marketers and hotels, but also for SaaS companies. What they all have in common is that they are all looking for someone who dives deep into what the company needs and can craft a well-written text to bring the message across.

Other important stuff....

  • … despite having broad interests, I do have a few favorites and specialties. For details, check out my services.
  • … the ins and outs about my education and more can be found on LinkedIn.
  • … I’m Dutch. This means cheese is involved in almost everything that comes out of my kitchen.
  • … my whole house is full of plants.
  • … as a result, there is no room for a pony, but I do take every opportunity to quote Hyacinth. Or Onslow. Or Dorothy Zbornak, for that matter.
  • …you may know me from my blog Standort Hamburg (in Dutch).
  • … I am into historical true crime and sometimes blog about that (in Dutch) at Grave Affairs. I also read unnatural amounts of Regionalkrimis taking place in the north of Germany.

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Check out my work

Feel free to have a look at my portfolio if I have piqued your interest!


Wir sind mit Fems Übersetzungen sehr zufrieden, weil sie kreativ ist, die Zielgruppe im Blick hat und mitdenkt. Bei Korrekturen arbeitet sie gewissenhaft und zuverlässig. Dazu ist die Zusammenarbeit mit ihr noch super unkompliziert und sehr angenehm. Sie hat unter anderem Texte aus den Bereichen Marketing, PR und Recht bearbeitet. Außerdem hat sie auch ihr SEO-Wissen für die Arbeit mit SEO-Texten einsetzen können. Wir können Fem nur empfehlen!
Anne Addicks
Partner Manager Kolibri Online
I have been working with Fem for a couple of years. She handles the difficult projects I usually hand over to her in a precise and responsibile way. Punctual and thorough, she is not only a good editor but is also good at communicating with people (in my case authors, editors and publisher). Her friendliness and precision makes it a pleasure to work with her. I am glad I can count on her help!
Elisa Perotti
Editor Languages & Linguistics Brill
I have been working with Fem for a couple of years now. She supports us with localization of our UX/UI and marketing copy from English to Dutch. Fem is super reliable and constantly delivers on time, but what I value most is her eagle eye. She spots ambiguity, little mistakes or things that lack clarity usually before everyone else and thus contributes to better content, not only for Dutch, but for all our locales.
Eike-Marie Eiting
Localization Manager Jimdo
De eerste tien woorden over Fem: accuraat, vakkundig, snel, ondernemend, betrouwbaar, efficiënt, nauwkeurig, behulpzaam, humoristisch, kritisch. Fem is een taalvirtuoos maar houdt altijd de doelgroep scherp in het oog. Voor ieder die teksten of social media als drempels ervaart, plaveit zij de weg. Daarbij is samenwerken met Fem is bijzonder plezierig.
Boukje van den Berg
Hoofdredacteur Rendement Uitgeverij

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