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Are you looking for an experienced translator EN/DE > NL, editor or content writer? Welcome at femina docta! View a selection of my projects here. For more info, please don’t hesitate to drop me a line!



Prospectuses for investment products, job postings, in-house trainings, tutorials, mailings, newsletters, terms and conditions for various banks (English > Dutch).


Prospectuses, CMS texts, client mailings, terms and conditions, compliance texts and other fine print, blog posts for international insurers (expat insurance, car insurance) from English > Dutch.


UX texts, newsletters, in-app updates, CMS, texts for the Help Center, blog posts, social media posts, mailings: translation, localization and transcreation from English and German > Dutch.


From the GDPR via whistleblower regulations to anti-money laundering regulations: I translate internal regulations and courses so all employees know where they stand. Translation and correction from English/German into Dutch.


The GDPR brought along many changes in privacy policies and continues to evolve. I have translated the revised privacy statements for multiple clients and have been taking care of their privacy updates ever since.

Children's toys

Newsletters, product descriptions, web texts & SEO, social media for a company that makes creative children’s toys, from German into Dutch.

Organic foods for kids

Newsletters, product descriptions, web texts & SEO for a producer of healthy and sustainable foods for kids, from German into Dutch.

Children's book

Can you imagine losing your name?! Well, luckily, in this book (spoiler!) it all ends well! I have translated the website for this personalized children’s book from English into Dutch.


I have translated chapters and the brochures for the Dutch translation of World War II, The Ultimate Visual Guide, and was part of the translation of a campaign to commemorate the role of the Chinese Labor Corps in World War I (English into Dutch).


There are projects that just… make you hungry… Sarogini Kamalanathan’s cook book was definitely one of those! (Translation from English into Dutch)


City pages for Japanese and American cities for airlines, hotel descriptions, brochures, blog posts (English/German into Dutch).

Translation agencies

Working with translation agencies allows me to work on projects for very diverse clients – from reports for banks via web texts about office furniture to surveys for travel agencies. This way I am always learning something new (English/German into Dutch).


Africa Yearbook

Project management Africa Yearbook, maintaining contact with authors, editors, designers, typesetters, correction of proofs.

Book & audio

There was a lot involved in the production of
The Second Canonization of the Qurʾān (324/936). No less than 5,000 audio clips accompany this book, which have been made available on Brill’s online platform.

Distinguished Lecture Series

The DLCL series is about more than just books: all lectures are also available in audio format, and all lecture handouts are available for download. All supplementary material can be accessed via QR codes in the books.

Courses for lawyers

For E-Wise, I edited online courses for lawyers and notaries that allow them to get their professional knowledge up-to-date and earn the necessary PE points.

Encyclopedia of Jewish History and Cultures

Project management of 6-volume Encyclopedia of Jewish History and Cultures, translated from German into English. Coordination of translations/editing of translations, contact with translators and editors, desk editing.

Neue Koordinate

For Neue Koordinate I edited the translation German > Dutch of a video about corporate compliance, so you could no longer hear Rudi Carrell in it. 😉

Editing of papers and master theses

Students writing their thesis have enough to worry about. So I have helped many students with the finishing touches on their theses and papers.

Lobbyist in Zeeland

Editing of a personal account of nine years of lobbying for the province of Zeeland in Brussels.

David Bowie IS

Proofreading of the Dutch translation of the biography David Bowie IS.

Young Adult novels

Let me tell you this: A whole new world opened up to me when I started correcting proofs of young adult novels about vampires and other exciting characters!

Becoming Steve Jobs

Proofreading of the Dutch translation of the biography Becoming Steve Jobs.

Online dictionaries

Free online dictionaries can come in super handy. But they do need to be checked. As a member of an editorial team, I checked English-Dutch sample phrases.

All about flower arrangements

Looking for Christmas decorations? I proofread the German > Dutch translations for this special edition on flower arrangements for Christmas.

Content writing

Standort Hamburg

What makes Hamburg so special? Which ‘Geheimtipps’ should you not miss? On Standort Hamburg, I share my best personal tips & tricks. I have worked with, among others, Hamburg Marketing, Bremen Tourismus, Lübeck Tourismus, and Hannover Tourismus.

Time to Momo Hamburg

In 2016-2016, I wrote and updated all online and offline content for Time to Momo Hamburg, including a new self guided tour on craft beer, as well as all blog posts and hotel information on the website.

The Big Issue South Africa

In Cape Town, I was a journalist for The Big Issue South Africa. My favorite article was the interview with Christine Booysen in Lavender Hill – as a bonus, the visit to the township itself was quite the experience.

Expedia Insider

Short and to-the-point, that’s what the Expedia Insider Tips are. Mine are, of course, about Hamburg and other cities in the north of Germany.

Travel articles

I have written other travel stories for Watt für ‘ne Fahrt, Gute Leude, Hamburg Marketing, Reishonger, Stay One Day, Verkeersbureau, Bikester, Weekendesk, Rondreis.nl, Riksja Travel, Kaapstad Magazine, Go Euro, La Docta en AKM3.

Ghost writer

I often write incognito: product descriptions, internal communication, newsletters, blog posts, social media posts.

Kuaka New Zealand

In Tauranga, I was planting Flax and admiring Manukas. For the Kuaka New Zealand newsletter, I reported on my adventures as a David-Attenborough-in-the-making.


Wir sind mit Fems Übersetzungen sehr zufrieden, weil sie kreativ ist, die Zielgruppe im Blick hat und mitdenkt. Bei Korrekturen arbeitet sie gewissenhaft und zuverlässig. Dazu ist die Zusammenarbeit mit ihr noch super unkompliziert und sehr angenehm. Sie hat unter anderem Texte aus den Bereichen Marketing, PR und Recht bearbeitet. Außerdem hat sie auch ihr SEO-Wissen für die Arbeit mit SEO-Texten einsetzen können. Wir können Fem nur empfehlen!

Anne Addicks
Partner Manager Kolibri Online

I have been working with Fem for a couple of years. She handles the difficult projects I usually hand over to her in a precise and responsibile way. Punctual and thorough, she is not only a good editor but is also good at communicating with people (in my case authors, editors and publisher). Her friendliness and precision makes it a pleasure to work with her. I am glad I can count on her help!

Elisa Perotti
Editor Languages & Linguistics Brill

I have been working with Fem for a couple of years now. She supports us with localization of our UX/UI and marketing copy from English to Dutch. Fem is super reliable and constantly delivers on time, but what I value most is her eagle eye. She spots ambiguity, little mistakes or things that lack clarity usually before everyone else and thus contributes to better content, not only for Dutch, but for all our locales.

Eike-Marie Eiting
Localization Manager Jimdo

De eerste tien woorden over Fem: accuraat, vakkundig, snel, ondernemend, betrouwbaar, efficiënt, nauwkeurig, behulpzaam, humoristisch, kritisch.
Fem is een taalvirtuoos maar houdt altijd de doelgroep scherp in het oog. Voor ieder die teksten of social media als drempels ervaart, plaveit zij de weg. Daarbij is samenwerken met Fem is bijzonder plezierig.

Boukje van den Berg
Editor in Chief Rendement Uitgeverij

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