Let's talk about money

You probably want to know what your project will cost. Of course you do! However… no two texts are the same. That’s why my prices are always tailored to your project.

The project price and the calculation of the price differ per project: for example, for translations I charge a word rate, for text and editing an hourly rate or project price. The subject of the text, the deadline and the amount of research I need to do all play a role in determining the price.

Good to know

I cannot take on same day/next day delivery projects. If your deadline is tight for the amount of work needed, please allow for a higher word/hour/project price.


Would you like to know what your project would cost? Send me an email with the most important information (do you need text, editing or translation, how much work is involved, what is it about and when do you want it done) and I’ll send you a quote.

I’m good at estimating how much time I will need for a project, so you will always know how much your project will cost you before we get started.

The Terms and Conditions of femina docta apply to all my work. You can read them here.